Encinitas National retains the Leo Mullen Cup

From l to r: Front row: Oliver Vanderpool, Jake Lineberger,
From l to r: Front row: Oliver Vanderpool, Jake Lineberger, Owen Lofft, Sydney Bentle, Ryder Filkins; Back row: Nate Seno, Coach Larry Lee, Hayden Oleson, Luke Lineberger, Braden Pegg, Coach Bill Lofft, Drew Ladd, Manager Brad Lineberger, Luke Blackledge, Coach Bill Blackledge, Ryan Lee
(Barbara Blackledge


Encinitas National Little League (ENLL) Angels baseball team recently beat Encinitas Little League Giants 18 to cap off a 16-3 season and retain the coveted Leo Mullen Cup. This is a local Little League tradition where the top teams from each league face off in the cross-town rivalry game. This is the second year in a row that ENLL has won the Leo Mullen Cup after snapping a six-year drought last season.

One of the highlights of the season is the re-opening of the Snack Shack at ENLL. This has helped to create a sense of family and community in a time when so many people need that.

Courtney Jasper, wife of ENLL President Andy Jasper, said “The best part is a lot of these kids don’t go to school together, so it’s a four-month period that kids make friends from all over the Encinitas area and grow close. It’s not just a field you go play your own game and then leave. It’s a culture and a community.”

In an era where youth sports have become a big business, Little League offers the opportunity for kids to compete, learn skills, have fun and create a sense of community. The 2022 Leo Mullen Cup was no exception.